X Amount Of Care

It's okay to be not okay.


Relapse, prevent, trigger, intent, now drown- high strung, saying x amount of words.
- X Amount Of Words, Blue October

It's always been my belief that if you can't sum something up in a paragraph or less, it is far too complex. Reading through pages of 'About Me', 'About Us', 'About The Large Hadron Collider' is sometimes just too much. So I will try to sum this site up in one sentence- in fact,  in one key word.

 X Amount Of Care is a place for support. 

Well, Dictionary.com gives a lot of meanings for support, but the one I like to go by is this one:

- to sustain (a person, the mind, spirits, courage, etc.) under trial or affliction.

This site is here for people to help themselves through helping others. To simplify- you meet a person, or people, who you can discuss your problems with. You can either exchange e-mail addresses or real life addresses, and hey presto! Someone is there. Someone that you can email fifteen page of misspelt Caps Lock at 3AM, and not have to apologise. Someone who sympathises, empathises, has been through what you've been through.

This site is here because we deal with issues in our lives at some point. Not all are bad. But the point is this- if you are experiencing or have experienced a problem that caused you upset and pain, it is important. You are important. We don't 'rank' problems here.

This site is here because I too have experienced that crushing feeling of loneliness. When something is wrong and the people around you don't know or don't care. When you feel like you're plodding down a dark tunnel with no escape routes, no lights, nothing but you. Want to know the big secret?

There is a way out.

The site name starts with X Amount for a reason- care is limitless. With care and support, what you give is what you get. Through this, you could make lifelong friends- people who you can help. People who could help you.

So open your heart, open your arms- hell, open one of the links in the menu bar. Let's create a community of men and women of every race, every sexuality, facing every issue under the sun. Let's get rid of prejudice and taboos and that compulsion to keep everything quiet, to paste on a smile and say "I'm fine". It's okay to not be fine. It's okay to hurt. And it's definitely okay to heal.

Damn, I lied. This was long.

Never mind. I hope it was worth it, because you certainly are.

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